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Welcome to JRC Detailing, your number one source for automotive detailing in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire Scotland.
With an emphasis on Machine polishing, Machine paint corrections, paint protection, ceramic coatings, leather care, restoration, and much, much more, JRC is dedicated to providing you with high quality, professional results. We cater for vehicles right across the north east of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, offering great paint protection services right across Scotland.

Founded in 2015 by Jason Cruickshank, JRC Detailing has come a long way from its beginnings. From starting up outside his house in Inverurie Aberdeenshire, creating an impressive portfolio, to moving into a fully secured unit that is custom-designed to cater for all kinds of vehicles, Jason’s early 2000’s hobby grew into an obsession. Whilst his passion for vehicles grew stronger and stronger, so did his bold ideas for future opportunities.

After careful research and investigation that recognised a lack of specialised services which could be implemented for customers, Jason, backed up by his already vast experience and knowledge, was driven to start his own business in Inverurie. Determined to develop a customer-based range of services including New Car Protection, Machine Polishing, Paint Enhancement and Paint Correction Details, Jason had his eyes set on putting accessible and sustainable vehicle care at the forefront of the JRC brand values.

Despite many vehicles costing as much as a small property, their value can depreciate rapidly when unloved or uncared for. Even owners who meticulously look after their vehicles can, unbeknownst to themselves, damage a car's value if treated incorrectly. Every time a car is washed with a sponge, brush, or even put through automatic car washes, there is a risk a high risk that microscopic grains of dirt are being rubbed into the paintwork, causing swirl marks at different severity levels. If a vehicle hasn’t been washed or looked after properly, then there is the severe risk of environmental contamination which requires decontamination to get your vehicle to a presentable standard.

2018 Scotland business awards finalist

2021 Vehicle Detailing Service of the Year - Scotland (Aberdeen) (Aberdeenshire)(Scotland prestige awards)

2022 detailing assassins paint correction of the year

recently been nominated for 2022 best valeting detailing service (scotlands business awards)

We hope you enjoy our friendly, professional services as much as we enjoy offering them to you.
If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Jason Cruickshank

“What I love about this industry and the job is there is never one detail the same, each vehicle requires different attentions to bring out its best”

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