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Did you know that these days the under chassis of your vehicle is not protected? This leaves components, cavities, and fasteners exposed to the harsh road environments that we encounter in Aberdeenshire. Whether it's road salts or liquid salt, this can accelerate corrosion on untreated surfaces. This is why we have teamed up with Lanoguard to provide a service offering under chassis protection for clients around Inverurie and Aberdeenshire. Before any application of Lanoguard, the under-chassis of the vehicle is degreased and steamed to give the best chance for the coating to adhere. This is why an almost clear coating has no effect when your vehicle is going for an MOT!

From £295

Lanoguard Under chasSis Protection Package

Small Car
Medium Car
Large Car

*To secure an appointment deposits are to be made prior to actual booking. Deposits are non-refundable. If JRC detailing cancels, your deposit will be refunded or another appointment will be issued.*

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