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What is Ceramic Coating?

JRC Detailing specialises in ceramic coatings from completing courses in applications and being authorised and accredited by CarPro UK, Krystal Klean Detail recognised network member and licensed approved detailing centre for Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen for ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coating offers better protection than waxes or sealants and thanks to its repellent nature it also allows your vehicle to be kept cleaner and overall easier to clean. Especially due to the climates that are in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and surrounding areas.

From £360

Accredited CarPro Cquartz Professional Cold edition

Accredited professional ceramic coating for approved installers only (24-month minimum expectancy, 2-layer coating)

Small Car
Medium Car
Large Car

CQuartz Professional is based on Carpro’s traditional si02 quartz coatings with an updated formula infused with fluorocarbon composite materials which creates a dense protective quartz layer to shield your paint from the elements. This coating is Infrared Cured using heat lamps.

This coating can only be applied by approved installers only and is not a consumer ceramic coating.

Swirl Resistance:
Waxes and sealants offer little to no swirl resistance. When you wash, dry, or touch your paint at any time you have the potential to scratch the surface. The scratches we are talking about here are very fine and referred to as“swirls” but as they build up the level of gloss you see as reflections and depth to your paint withers. These swirls refract light away from your eyes which is the cause of a dulled appearance to your paint. CQPro has been designed to resist these fine swirls when properly maintained and cared for. It should be noted that no coating is swirl proof and it is important to use only high quality wash mitts and drying towels or a blower.


  • Stays clean and glossy longer than traditional waxes
  • Hard surface: Resistance to fine swirls and marring
  • Resistance to break dust and iron contaminants
  • Resistance to bugs, tar, and bird bombs
  • Resistance to UV and other environmental contaminants
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Accredited CarPro Cquartz Finest Reserve Cold edition

Accredited professional ceramic coating for approved installers only (36-month minimum expectancy, 2-layer coating)

Small Car
Medium Car
Large Car

Designed for the UK Climate CQ FINEST Reserve is an evolution in coating technology, unique inits design and hybrid resin. In the development of FinestReserve, high strength, condensed nano particles with superior cross linking abilities were created utilising anew proprietary nano material to create an extremely tough 3D structure providing a durable, high gloss coating which protects paint and other automotive surfaces from UVA and UVB rays, dirt, brake dust, iron contaminants, bugs, bird droppings, tar, and all sorts of environmental contaminants for more than 3 years. CQ Finest Reserve ushers in the future of automotive paint protection. This coating is Infrared Cured using heat lamps.

This coating can only be applied by approved installers only and is not a consumer ceramic coating

  • Stays clean and glossy longer than other protection products
  • Harder surface: Resistance to fine swirls and wash marring
  • Self-cleaning affect – Dust blows off and dirt washes off easily
  • Extremely low sliding angle ensure less water droplets stay on the surface.
  • High resistance to brake dust and iron contaminants
  • High resistance to bugs, tar, and bird droppings
  • High resistance to road salt and acids.
  • Resistance to UV and other environmental contaminants
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Coatings Additional

Additional to the bodywork ceramics mentioned above we can also coat:

Wheels Front face (based on wheel diameter)
Medium Wheels Front face and inner barrel Car (based on wheel diameter)
Brake Calipers
Exhaust tips
Exterior Trims and plastics from
Engine bay components
Door sills
Leather coating From
Glass coating from

*NEW Accredited CarPro dQuartz* Soft paints

Accredited Coating, 2 layer application of DQuartz then topped with 1 layers of Carpro Professional giving a minimum 48 months warranty

Topped with Carpro Finest Reserve 1 layers will offer 60 months warranty

Meet CQUARTZ’s toughest companion DQUARTZ: a functionalised nano-diamond ceramic coating.
Car paints are getting increasingly softer and we have finally developed a technology to combat it. DQUARTZ is the first ever ceramic coating, which utilises Functionalised Detonation Nano Diamond Powder to increase surface pencil hardness by up to 5 points!
The pencil test is a common method to measure the hardness of paints or coatings. Essentially it checks which standardised graphite (1H, HB, 1B, 2B, etc.) will be hard enough to scratch the surface. As always, we steer clear of the popular, yet physically impossible claims of extreme Mohs scale hardness, and giving you the real facts. If your paint has a rating of 1B, DQUARTZ will push it up 5 levels, going as high as 3H. Looking for ‘ground-breaking’! This incredible new technology is enabled by the carefully controlled size and spherical shape of our nano diamond particles in combination with their activated surface structures. This allows the diamonds to electrostatically bind to the other ingredients of the coating, as well as the surface itself. In essence, DQUARTZ isn’t just a regular ceramic coating with a cool additive known for hardness. Diamonds are an integral part of the DQUARTZ nanostructure.

DQUARTZ can be used as a standalone coating for automotive paint and will produce the same results when used on metals. Beyond the hardness improvements, it packs strong chemical and environmental resistances, as well as our greatest pride and joy: gloss and self-cleaning. Nevertheless, during testing we have found DQUARTZ to truly excel as a base coating topped with CQUARTZ Professional, or Finest which increases hardness by an extra point on the pencil scale and brings CQ Professional and finest outstanding performance into the mix.

Small Car
Dq+Pro £460/DQ+Finest £575
Medium Car
Dq+Pro £570/DQ+Finest £675
Large Car
Dq+Pro £620/DQ+Finest £775
Dq+Pro £770/DQ+Finest £875

Extreme Abrasion Resistance
Increase surface Hardness of paints
Works on metals
UV and Chemical Resistance

This ceramic coating offers unrivalled depth of gloss and stunning looks to all painted surfaces. Superb water repellence abilities and durability.

*To secure an appointment deposits are to be made prior to actual booking. Deposits are non-refundable. If JRC detailing cancels, your deposit will be refunded or another appointment will be issued.*

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