2012 Range Rover Sport HSE

This project was one that was very rewarding, the customer came to JRC wanting his paintwork looking the best it could.

Full exterior safe wash consists of jet down, pre wash, rinse down, snowfoam and gentle agitation using two bucket method and wash mitts, jet down:

  • Wheels decontaminated
  • Paint decontamination process (tar, Iron)
  • Rinse down
  • Air dried
  • Paint inspection with recorded readings
  • Paint clayed to remove remaining surface contaminants
  • Multi stage Correction to bodywork including wet sanding to remove heavier marks within the scope of the paint thickness
  • Headlight/taillight correction

2 stage full wipe down using Panel wipe to ensure bonding of coating and polishing residue is fully removed:

  • 2 layers of Carpro Cquartz Finest Reserve Cold edition ceramic coating on paint and infrared cured between each layer to enable coating to be bonded to paintwork successfully
  • Top layer of Carpro Reload with wheels coated  with Carpro Dlux ceramic coating
  • Tyres degreased and treated
  • Plastic trim coated
  • Glass coating
  • Interior heavy detail including steam cleaning vacuuming and wet extraction
  • Heavy cleanse of leather

This project was one that was very rewarding, the customer came to JRC wanting his paintwork looking the best it could.

Once the vehicle  wash decontaminated the paint multi correction began. This required various pads correction compounds and polishes to remove defects and oxidisation and restore the clarity and increasing the levels of gloss. Some areas of this paint did require wet sanding techniques 2000,3000 grit to improve heavier defects.

Once the correction work and polishing was complete a further inspection of the bodywork was carried out to ensure no micro-marring was evident. This in was achieved by panel wiping the surface using a degreasing agent and  led sources inspecting each panel.

Then on to the Carpro Finest Reserve Ceramic application 2 layers of the coating which is hand applied in a cross hatched method ensuring full coverage of the painted surfaces. This then gets levelled using one microfibre and buffed with another and inspected.

Once this is complete. The infrared curing process begins followed by the same process for the second layer. The wheels plastics and lights were also coated along with the glass ensuring full protection on the exterior of the vehicle. The interior detail was as mentioned above and the leather was also catered for once we delicately removed loose dirt it was on to the trapped dirt and oils.

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