Ducati 851 Tricolore

One of only 304 ‘Strada’ versions of the 851 built in 1988, this superbike was registered in April 1991. The Ducati is in wonderful condition for its age, in the original ‘Tricolore’ livery that made it virtually an instant collector favourite of its time. The paint finish is in great shape, with few blemishes around the tanks and fairings. Its frame, forks, exhausts, and engine ancillaries have some very small marks and chips in places, but this is a very well-presented example overall.

My client is a keen collector of Ducati’s and has asked us specifically to keep as much of the original patina as possible. This is what we did……..  

The casings, frame and metal work were degreased, and steam cleaned removing built up grime that the 851 had accumulated over time. With gentle agitation and with care and respect this was accomplished. The paintwork itself received a minor correction using machine polishing techniques, abrasives and fine polishes to increase the clarity, gloss and reduction to oxidisation.  Once the paintwork was completed a nice coating of wax was added to the bodywork to offer protection to the motorcycle.  Other components on the Ducati were also worked on and treated carefully keeping the customers objectives in mind.  Once again this was a great honour and privilege to work on such an iconic piece.

Bearing in mind this is an iconic investment we had to be careful not to dilute the characteristics of a 31 year old superbike…. see for yourself.

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