Direct sunlight and extreme Temperatures

Wash procedures can be the most challenging thing to do in the summer! In this article there are some helpful tips on what to do and not to do.

It’s here, the sun that is and the temperatures are increasing.

As some of you may think this is the perfect opportunity to wash your vehicle or get your vehicle washed in these glorious days.

Did you know this wash procedure can be the most challenging thing to do?

Some friendly advise would be to avoid washing vehicles in peak sunlight hours, especially for darker coloured vehicles washing vehicles in direct sunlight can cause damage on the paintwork. Causing water-spot issues on the paintwork, increased chances of marring your paintwork due to the chemicals drying out quickly and worse case chemical burn on rubbers plastics and trims.

The best possible advise would be to do this in the evening or first thing in the morning when the panels are cool.

If your determined to wash your vehicle in hot days then here a few key tips to help aid you:

•Wash the vehicle in a shaded area

•Ensure panels are cool to touch before attempting any wash process you can also pressure spraying the panels prior to washing that ultimately lowers the temperature and aid the washing process

•Have everything setup and by your side

•Work panel at a time and ensure the other panels are constantly wet

•Aim for PH neutral products between the scale of 6-9 (9 at the very most).

•Use deionised water for final rinse if possible

•Always dry the vehicle after filtered air blower or by hand

Remember Chemicals are formulated by using solid components then liquified. If the liquid dries out your are then left with raw product. For example if you put salt in water and stir it becomes a liquid state boil it off  you are then left with just salt. This is exactly what happens when washing your vehicle and it is exposed for a period of time in direct sunlight.

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