What is detailing?

Detailing can be misinterpreted and confused with valeting; where valeting is the cleaning of the exterior / interior of a vehicle to remove visible dust and dirt.

Too often oversimplified, misinterpreted, or simply confused with valeting, detailing is an entirely separate craft. Where valeting focuses on the cleaning of the interior and exterior of a vehicle, removing all visible dust and dirt to apply a clean sheen, detailing goes one step further. An obsessive art form, the craft of detailing is all about not just cleaning the vehicle, but restoring it to like-new condition, taking great care and pride in ensuring the vehicle is in the best condition it possibly can be – both on the inside and out.

Whilst everybody can take the time to wash their car, not everyone has the time or the tools to fully expand the care of the car and properly look after it's detailing. Although the task of washing and cleaning a car may seem simple and straight forward, if not time-consuming, incorrect car washing techniques can often lead to long-lasting paint damage and surface imperfections. At JRC, the goal is to not only repair any sustained damage but to breathe new life into the vehicle, surpassing previous standards to create a “better than new” finish.

Arguably the most important aspect of detailing is time. There is no such thing as an easy fix or a quick polish. Long-lasting problems and damage need to be solved.Because of this, JRC takes the time to gather expertise and knowledge, as well as allocating all the time needed to suitably restore, enhance, and protect your vehicle allowing us to provide an exceptional service that fits the beauty, elegance, and sophistication that the vehicles we work with deserve.

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